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Developing a results-oriented, high-performing culture across hundreds of federal government agencies is no small assignment. Doing it in today’s complex, quickly changing environment is extraordinary. But together, we think it’s possible.

Our confidence comes from more than 50 years of experience helping to improve the performance of people and organizations with trusted assessment products such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® brand, as well as support materials and services.

Performance Solutions

In fact, our solutions have already helped hundreds of government agencies succeed with their training and development efforts by supporting the PMA's Human Capital Initiative. Our approach also aligns with the five systems of the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF):

        •    Strategic Alignment (Planning and Goal Setting)
        •    Leadership and Knowledge Management (Implementation)
        •    Results-Oriented Performance Culture (Implementation)
        •    Talent Management (Implementation)
        •    Accountability (Evaluating Results)


But what sets us apart is our sense of personal commitment. Each CPP product is supported by knowledgeable training and development professionals who can help create an environment where every employee understands and fully contributes to the agency's mission.

Because at CPP we understand that today’s challenges require the extraordinary.

Product Spotlight

Discover the newly updated MBTI® Team Report. This valuable report is designed to build high-performing teams by identifying individual and team strengths, minimizing blind spots, and improving individual and group problem solving, communication, and conflict management. Learn more.

Improve the performance of your people with the CPI™ assessments. Gain insight into leadership competencies and key dimensions of management with these powerful tools to identify key talent and develop your next generation of leaders. Download new data sheet

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