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Additional Products

Expand your training and organizational development capabilities with powerful products from our portfolio.

Practical Tools for Your Diverse Needs.

While we’re best known for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, CPP has a vast portfolio of products designed to address your needs. And behind every product, you’ll find the people of CPP here to offer you the information, guidance, and support you need to succeed.

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Work Engagement Profile

Ignite employee engagement with critical intrinsic rewards.

Parker Team Player

Help your clients identify their team player style.

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Work Engagement Profile

Fully engaged employees give their company crucial competitive advantages—specifically, higher productivity, lower turnover, and sales growth. The Work Engagement Profile helps individuals and organizations ensure sustainable levels of employee engagement. With no training required, this versatile diagnostic tool examines the internal motivations that fuel employee engagement. Instead of focusing on extrinsic rewards—pay, benefits, awards, and so on—this assessment exclusively focuses on intrinsic rewards that employees get directly from performing important work and doing it well. The Work Engagement Profile Interpretive Report is available online through SkillsOne, and the Work Engagement Profile is the printed self-scorable version. Both versions of this quick and easy-to-use assessment can be used in a number of settings and in combination with other CPP assessments.

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Parker Team Player

The Parker Team Player Program offers an all-inclusive package of materials ideal for group facilitators, team leaders, coaches, and consultants working to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results through teams. Versatile and easy-to-use, the Parker self-assessment helps individuals identify their preferred team player style—contributor, collaborator, communicator, or challenger—and discover the role they can play to maximize their contribution to overall team performance. Combined with a 360-degree feedback survey, a comprehensive facilitator's guide, a companion video, and dozens of workshop and teambuilding tools, this is an excellent tool kit for use in any setting.

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