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Work Engagement Profile

Kenneth W. Thomas and Walter G. Tymon Jr.

Ignite employee engagement with critical intrinsic rewards

What motivates people to do their best work—to go the extra mile? Broadly speaking, two kinds of factors shape employee engagement: extrinsic rewards—pay, benefits, promotions, awards, and so on—and intrinsic rewards—psychological rewards that fuel engagement by providing a positive emotional charge. The Work Engagement Profile is uniquely focused on measuring intrinsic rewards and providing insights that can directly affect your organization's bottom line because it addresses work engagement at the core level—the employee’s feelings about the work itself. The assessment measures four intrinsic rewards: meaningfulness, choice, competence, and progress. The assessment is ideal for one-on-one coaching, employee retention initiatives, leadership development, and team building; and can be used alone or in combination with other CPP tools, such as the MBTI and FIRO-B instruments. This 20-page booklet includes:

  • The easy-to-administer self-scorable assessment
  • Interpretive information on scores
  • Actionable steps to increase the level of those rewards
  • A development planning worksheet

"Having used the Work Engagement Profile as a consultant and instructor, I can say that it has extraordinary value because it gets to the very heart of people's attitudes about their work. The information the assessment generates provides exceptionally helpful data for developing training, consulting, and OD strategies."
--Joseph F. Albert, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership, Gonzaga University

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