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Exploring Career Options with the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment

Deliver consistently high-quality career development training with this ready-to-deploy workshop

This ready-to-deploy facilitation kit includes everything a practitioner needs to deliver a high-quality training on the topic of career development. The 3-hour workshop helps participants identify their pattern of interests and understand how it relates to choices they make about their career, academic major, and leisure activities. Created with flexibility in mind, it is suitable for use with a multitude of Strong ® report options.

Participants will leave equipped with the right tools to expand and analyze their personal profiles and make them feel confident at making the best career choices for their future.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint® training slides for a 3-hour workshop consisting of lectures and activities
  • Facilitator notes for face-to-face and virtual delivery
  • Workshop participant worksheets and handouts


Workshop ready

Comprehensive, with engaging visuals, the kit is designed for immediate use as is, or for incorporating into an existing training program—helping you save workshop preparation time.

Comes with expert guidance

Created for both seasoned and new STRONG practitioners, the kit includes in-person training notes with presentation instructions, recommended script, and resources, providing valuable context and support to ensure an effective training.

All digital content

No need to lug around heavy binders—all materials are delivered virtually for your convenience.

Buy once, use forever

This cost-effective training solution will quickly deliver a positive ROI. The purchaser receives full rights to use the materials indefinitely within an organization (or across organizations if he or she is acting as a training consultant).

NOTE: This workshop is designed for participants who have already taken at least one of the Strong Interest Inventory Reports.


Practitioners will need to decide which of the following reports will be most useful for participants, and purchase an online administration for each person:
Strong Profile
Strong College Profile
Strong Interpretive Report
Skills Confidence Inventory

Where Do I Go Next? Booklet
Strong Interest Inventory® Manual and Manual Supplement
Strong Interest Inventory ® User’s Guide
Strong Interest Inventory ® College Profile User’s Guide

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