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Strong Profile (R)

    Put your clients on the path to rich, fulfilling careers

Empower your clients to do more of what they like and achieve greater satisfaction at work and in life. With both four-color graphics and detailed narrative, the Strong Profile puts self-discovery into the hands of anyone seeking career direction.

This highly personalized report paints a clear picture of how your client's specific interests and preferences link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields. The Strong Profile enables your clients to discover their true interests in order to expand their career options and chart a plan of action toward fulfilling career choices.

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  • 6 General Occupational Themes map out broad interest patterns to describe personalities and preferred work environments
  • 30 Basic Interest Scales provide more specific information about your clients' areas of interest
  • 260 Occupational Scales relate your clients' interest patterns to those of satisfied workers
  • 5 Personal Style Scales describe your clients' preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking, and team participation
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  • (R):Requirements for purchase. Click here to view.
  • Age:14 and up
  • Time:30 min
  • Items:291
  • Reading Level:9th grade
  • Scoring Options:
  • Elevate®
  • Prepaid (Mail-in)
  • Report Length:9 pages
  • Family:Strong Interest Inventory®


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  • Strong Profile Administration (R)
    Expand career choices, gain insight into job preferences

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