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Introduction to Type® and Careers

Second Edition

Allen L. Hammer

Help your students or clients find their best-fit career

We typically spend more than a third of our lives at work. What we do in that time is important—to our professional development, relationships with others, and fundamental well-being.

Introduction to Type® and Careers applies the world-renowned MBTI® framework to career exploration, helping individuals find their best-fit career based on their personality preferences. Interactive activities and actionable tips guide respondents through each stage of the process, from goal-setting to decision-making and beyond. The guide also provides career trends, most popular occupations, strengths, and advice to overcome potential obstacles for all 16 MBTI types.

This guide is a key resource for anyone who knows their MBTI type and is thinking about their career path—whether they need help defining their aspirations or reaching a known destination. Practitioners can also provide this guide to clients or students for use alongside the recently updated MBTI® Career Report.

Please note: This second edition of Introduction to Type® and Careers aligns with the updated MBTI® Career Report. The previous edition of this guide is not compatible with the updated report.

Introduction to Type® and Careers is also available in PDF format.

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