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Introduction to Type® Series

The Introduction to Type® series helps your clients broaden their understanding of personality type. These best-selling booklets help individuals integrate type theory concepts into both their personal and professional lives.

Understanding workplace preferences, managing stress, reducing conflict, searching for engaging careers, and improving team effectiveness are just a few of the many type-related applications your clients can explore using these informative booklets. The Introduction to Type® series is ideal for workshop, group, and one-on-one applications.

Several of the most popular booklets in the series now come with their own companion website. These booklets include Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type, Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Communication, Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership, Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Teams, and Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type in Organizations.

The companion websites present MBTI type concepts in a dynamic digital format to enhance learning and retention. Intended for use with their corresponding booklets, they are designed to help individuals further explore the MBTI framework after an initial training. Each applicable booklet (printed or PDF) purchased contains a unique access code that allows the owner to register for free, unlimited access to the companion website. Take a tour of the companion website for Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type.

The Introduction to Type® booklets are also available in PDF format.

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