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Introducing MBTI® Step II™ Results

If you need to deliver a high-quality MBTI® Step II™ training, this ready-to-deploy workshop facilitation kit is your best tool. Your trainings will be more consistent and cohesive as this facilitation kit aligns with MBTI Step II reports and tools.

Your workshop participants will deepen their understanding of personality type by learning about the MBTI framework and the relationship between Step I™ and Step II type.

By understanding variations within each MBTI type, your people increase their self-awareness and better understand others. Leading to better communication and more productive teams.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for a 4-hour workshop with lecture and activities
  • Facilitator notes for in-person and virtual delivery
  • Facilitator worksheets
  • Participant worksheets


  • Engaging visuals
  • Ready for immediate use or incorporating into an existing training program
  • Saves you workshop preparation time

Comes with expert guidance

Designed for both seasoned and newly certified practitioners, it includes:

  • Facilitator’s notes with in-person and virtual presentation instructions
  • Recommended script and resources
  • Facilitator worksheets with valuable context for effective training.

See sample pages.

All digital content

Leave the heavy binders behind. All your materials come on a USB flash drive. (If you’re prohibited from using a flash drive, contact The Myers-Briggs Company for an alternative solution.)


You’ll need to generate an MBTI® Global Step II™ Interpretive Report for each workshop participant.


If you use the optional (recommended Understanding Your MBTI® Step II™ Results booklet, you’ll need to purchase a copy for each participant.

Please note: This workshop facilitation kit has replaced an older version that was used in conjunction with the MBTI® Form Q/Step II™ Interpretive Report. The older version of the kit can be made available upon request.

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