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Introduction to Type® and Learning

Donna Dunning

Help students and clients learn more effectively based on their type

People learn in a multitude of ways—some learn by seeing, some by listening, and some by doing. But no matter what your learning preference, this insightful booklet will help you make the most of your learning opportunities.

Donna Dunning presents learning through the lens of type preferences. The booklet begins with an overview of basic and advanced type preference concepts, followed by 10 learning strategies that most people will find useful. It covers the learning style of each type preference and then goes on to investigate the eight learning styles of whole types based on the dominant function. The booklet includes concrete application suggestions for accommodating and appealing to all eight of these learning styles.

Introduction to Type® and Learning can help educators reach their students to improve their learning performance and is useful in any training setting where new information is being introduced and skills are being developed.

Introduction to Type® and Learning is also available in PDF format.

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