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CPI 260® Client Feedback Report (R)

    Harrison G. Gough and Pamela Bradley

    Explore your client's unique professional and personal styles

The CPI 260® Client Feedback Report provides a detailed profile on your client’s CPI 260 instrument scores and some descriptive information in an easy-to-understand, well-organized graphic presentation. The CPI™ instrument measures personality attributes commonly used to describe people, and from participants’ self-ratings accurately describes them as if they had been described by others who know them well. The CPI instrument reveals your client’s approach to life and work and provides a measure of his or her degree of development and maturity. This report

  • presents scores on 26 scales in 5 broad areas: Dealing With Others, Self-Management, Motivations and Thinking Style, Personal Characteristics, and Work-Related Measures
  • provides results on three vector scales assessing three basic orientations: toward others, toward societal values, and toward self
  • provides a portrait of both personal and work-related characteristics
  • describes how people manage themselves and deal with others, as well as their motivations and thinking styles
  • helps to find and develop high-performance people for your organization
  • is an excellent tool for leadership development, one-on-one and group coaching, and talent selection
  • is based on gender-neutral norms to keep pace with today’s workforce
  • includes two new enhancements: an additional "Administrator Page” at the end with a Lifestyle Diagram Supplement that plots the client’s raw score units and clearly shows where the client falls within a quadrant (this page is for the practitioner only and doesn’t print out on the client’s report); a diamond in the Lifestyle Diagram on page 4 that clearly plots where the client’s lifestyle score falls within that quadrant (no raw score units shown on this page)

Download a Brief Technical Report containing psychometric information on the CPI 260® assessment.

Download the CPI in India Brief Technical Report

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  • Age:13 and up
  • Time:25-30 minutes
  • Items:260
  • Reading Level:8th grade
  • Scoring Options:
  • Prepaid (Mail-in)
  • Elevate®
  • Report Length:9 pages
  • Family:CPI 260®


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