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CPI 260® Coaching Report for Leaders (R)

    Sam Manoogian

    Give your clients the insights they need to become more successful leaders

This highly intuitive report enables your clients to identify their strengths and blind spots and capitalize on their strengths, target areas for development, and plan action steps to increase their leadership effectiveness. (Note: While scales and scores drive the narrative, they are not presented in this report.) The report

  • Provides results on 18 leadership characteristics organized into five core performance areas: self-management, team building and teamwork, organizational capabilities, problem solving, and sustaining the vision
  • Compares your clients' answers to those of 5,600 managers and executives (data collected at the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL®) from participants In CCL's Leadership Development Program)
  • Is an excellent tool for succession planning, talent selection, and one-on-one and group coaching
  • Offers real-life applications and practical insights for training and leadership development
  • Suggests next steps to help clients advance in their role as a leader
  • Can be used in combination with the CPI 260® Client Feedback Report or as a stand-alone solution

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*Data collected at the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL®) from more than 5,600 participants enrolled in CCL's Leadership Development Program.

Download a Brief Technical Report containing psychometric information on the CPI 260® assessment.

Download the CPI in India Brief Technical Report

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  • (R):Requirements for purchase. Click here to view.
  • Age:13 and up
  • Time:25-30 minutes
  • Items:260
  • Reading Level:8th grade
  • Scoring Options:
  • Prepaid (Mail-in)
  • Elevate®
  • Report Length:17 pages
  • Family:CPI 260®


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