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Purchase Eligibility

If this is your first order with CPP and you are ordering an assessment marked "Purchase Eligibility Required," please fill out the online Purchase Eligibility Form.


print, complete, and sign the Purchase Eligibility Form. Fax the completed form to: (650 ) 969-8608 or mail it to:

CPP, Inc.
Order Processing
185 N Wolfe Rd.,
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

To download this form as a Adobe Acrobat file click here.


Students ordering tests for research must prepay and have their supervising faculty member sign the form.

  • Certain assessments published by CPP, Inc have specific requirements that must be met in order for you to purchase them. Instruments with such requirements are indicated with an “R” in the catalog and on
  • You can meet these requirements either by successfully completing a certification program for a specific assessment or, by being granted Education Eligibility based on having a master’s degree or higher in psychology, counseling or organizational development. Click here for a list of all related fields

If you need further information on how to get certified, please contact one of the groups listed on our List of Certification Programs.

Licensing of Test Instruments; Resale and Export Prohibited:

CPP licenses but does not sell copies of its test instruments; all such licenses are limited to the personal use of the licensee only. Certain of CPP's test instruments may be licensed only by professionals whose certifications are on file with and accepted by CPP. No copy of any CPP-licensed test instrument may be resold, sublicensed, exported, redistributed or otherwise transferred; nor may any such copy be used in any manner by any party other than the person or entity to whom that copy is licensed for use by CPP; any violation of any of these restrictions shall automatically terminate the license to use the test instrument(s) in question.