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CPP and Zenith to Use Assessment Data and Analytics to Help Students Succeed


SUNNYVALE, Calif., December 14, 2015 CPP Innovation Labs, a division of CPP, Inc., and Zenith Education Group have entered into a partnership with the goal of helping students succeed in college and the workforce. Under the partnership, incoming Zenith students will be given CPP’s widely validated career interest and personality assessments. The assessment results will help students make more informed decisions about Zenith programs and give academic and admissions advisors more robust information for student advising and other support programs. In addition, assessment data, along with student outcome and other performance measures, will be systematically analyzed over time to help CPP and Zenith better understand the factors that lead to student success and use those findings for future program enhancements.

“CPP shares our vision of helping students thrive and our commitment to transparency,” said Dave Hawn, Chief Executive Officer of ECMC Group and Interim President, Zenith Education Group. “In keeping with our on-going efforts to improve our admissions process, CPP’s assessment tools will help prospective students decide if Zenith is a good fit for them; and, if so, which of our programs may be best for them. For students who enroll, the assessments will allow us to better support them in completing their education and finding employment.”

“CPP and Zenith have very similar philosophies regarding what is needed to improve existing models of vocational education,” said Chris Mackey, Senior Vice President, CPP Innovation Labs. “Through this partnership, CPP’s assessments and analytics capabilities will be applied in a systematic way to help motivate students in achieving their educational and life goals. We believe our work can be used to benefit vocational education programs across the country.”

As a first step, Zenith will provide CPP’s new SuperStrong™ Interest Inventory to prospective students during the admissions process to assist them in determining whether their career interests align with Zenith’s program offerings. Longer term, Zenith plans to use other CPP tools, including the California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™), a widely-used predictive personality assessment, to assist students in identifying their strengths and cultivating resilience, which are closely linked to education and career success. The CPI results will also assist academic advisors and instructors in providing support services tailored to each student’s needs.

CPP Innovation Labs and Zenith will also engage in a series of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies designed to provide insight into students’ current and potential performance. This data will help inform future student success initiatives, such as training programs designed to help students cultivate their strengths or develop the soft skills required to succeed at work and in life.

About CPP Innovation Labs

CPP Innovation Labs ( provides personal and organizational improvement solutions through the integration of rigorous data analytics with research-tested personality measures. As an incubator of CPP, Inc. (, CPP Innovation Labs combines expertise in data science and cutting edge technologies with decades worth of peer reviewed and scientifically validated assessment data to conduct personality and behavioral research in the areas of education, people analytics, and healthcare. Continuing CPP’s 60-year commitment to improving people’s lives through a better understanding of themselves and others, CPP Innovation Labs is dedicated to making our proven insight accessible to all people as they make decisions at critical points in their lives.

About Zenith Education Group

Zenith Education Group is a nonprofit provider of career school training and a member of ECMC Group. Above all, Zenith is driven to help students succeed by providing affordable, quality education and training for occupations in demand. Through its Everest and WyoTech schools across the country, Zenith offers diploma and degree programs in the healthcare, skilled trades, business and paralegal fields. For more information, go to

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