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Strong Interest Explorer, Self-Scorable

    Judy M. Chartrand

    Powerful, easy-to-use tool for career exploration

For more than 75 years, the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument has guided students and adults towards more satisfying career and educational choices. There are hundreds of career exploration tools, yet none has the extensive supporting research and empirical evidence the Strong has.

The compact, all-inclusive Strong Interest Explorer is ideal for students and individuals exploring new career directions or reentering the workforce. It contains a condensed number of items, basic interpretive information, and steps to help identify educational and career options. Tips are provided to assist individuals in the career exploration process.

Plus, easy-to-follow instructions and a simple scoring process make scoring faster and easier than ever before. No other components are needed. Rely on the Strong Interest Explorer to provide instant results for on-the-spot interpretation.



  • Compact design with combined item booklet and answer sheet
  • Simple scoring process and easy-to-follow instructions for totaling results
  • Easy-to-understand interpretive information
  • List of steps that can be taken to identify and evaluate education and career options
  • 14 basic interest areas
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Before You Buy

  • Age:14 and up
  • Time:10-15 minutes
  • Items:140
  • Reading Level:8th grade
  • Scoring Options:
  • Self-scorable
  • Family:Strong Interest Inventory®


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