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The Leadership Advantage Training Program

    Using the MBTI® Tool for Effective Leadership Facilitator's Guide

    Roger R. Pearman

    Incorporate MBTI® insights into leadership training using this comprehensive program

This comprehensive binder for MBTI® trainers conducting leadership workshops in organizations includes self-contained modules for four different workshops designed to enhance leadership effectiveness and performance:

  • "A Brief Review of Psychological Type"
  • "Leader Communication"
  • "Leader Problem Solving"
  • "Leader Development"

Each workshop comes complete with:

  • Specific objectives
  • Tips and scripts for trainers
  • Exercises for workshop participants
  • Complete agendas
  • Checklists of materials
  • Reproducible masters for presentation overheads and handouts
  • Overheads in PowerPoint® on CD (PC format)

This long-awaited resource provides expert guidance, useful suggestions, and practical strategies for using the MBTI tool in leadership programs and management training, providing access to a model for enriching leadership behavior and increasing effectiveness and organizational performance.


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