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MBTI® Comparison Report: Work Styles (R)

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    Allen L. Hammer

    Help any two people learn to work together effectively.

Appreciating and managing differences goes hand in hand with conflict management and relationship building. And that’s where the MBTI® Comparison Report: Work Styles shines. By helping any two individuals learn to use their similarities and differences productively and build on their combined strengths, this new report unlocks greater understanding, contributes to conflict reduction, and paves the way to better workplace relationships and improved organizational performance.

The MBTI® Comparison Report: Work Styles is a new version of (and replaces) the MBTI® Work Styles Report. Thoughtfully refreshed to make it more engaging and easier to use, this new report features a number of design enhancements plus updated and simplified type language—just what MBTI practitioners have been asking for. But the content that has made it a go-to favorite report is as robust as ever.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates interpretation guesswork
    Pairs any two MBTI types and provides a side-by-side comparison. Takes the guesswork out of interpretation by identifying the intersection of the two types and their shared strengths and potential blind spots.

  • Enables comprehensive coaching using only a single report
    Provides MBTI insights in four development areas key to effective working relationships by comparing the two types’ styles of communicating, taking in information, making decisions, and managing projects. Go beyond basic similarities and differences and provide comprehensive, impactful coaching using only a single report.

  • Helps make the coaching stick
    Offers additional value to clients by providing specific, actionable ideas to help ingrain the learning and drive positive change. Presents joint action plans in the four development areas plus a final "next steps" plan to help facilitate an improved working relationship going forward.

*Before ordering this report, individuals must already have taken some form of the MBTI assessment and verified their type preferences.

**The MBTI® Comparison Report: Work Styles is available on Elevate®.

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Before You Buy

  • (R):Requirements for purchase. Click here to view.
  • Age:18 and up
  • Reading Level:7th grade
  • Scoring Options:Elevate®
  • Report Length:13 pp
  • Family:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)


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