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MBTI® Teambuilding Program: Leader's Resource Guide

    (3rd Edition)

    Elizabeth Hirsh, Katherine Hirsh, and Sandra Krebs Hirsh

    Enhance your teambuilding workshops with this revised set of materials

The third edition of this comprehensive teambuilding program includes updated information and best practices for team development along with new activities, revised tools, and an updated bibliography, in addition to providing agendas, scripts, and resources for conducting effective teambuilding workshops. The guide covers how to apply type concepts to six critical team issues: communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem solving, and managing stress. Included on CD are PowerPoint® slides and PDFs of handouts to use in your workshops. New in this edition:

  • 8 new icebreaker activities
  • 4 new wrap-up activities to reinforce learning
  • 6 new activities to help team members understand others' approaches to the six core issues
  • The Living Zig-Zag activity, which focuses on decision-making styles, contributions, and blind spots
  • New and revised slides and handouts
  • New templates for pre-workshop needs assessment, workshop contracting, and assessment administration

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