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MBTI® Stress Management Report (R)

    Naomi L. Quenk

    Help individuals learn how to manage stress to realize success

No matter the context—in work or in everyday life—individuals encounter stressors that can either undermine their performance or propel their success, depending on how they react to them. The MBTI® Stress Management Report helps individuals recognize the circumstances or events that are likely to trigger stress reactions and provides information and tips on how to deal most effectively with the challenges they present. The 9-page report details the signs of stress for an individual's type, describes the impact of stress on personality characteristics, provides do’s and don’ts for handling stress and leveraging natural strengths, and suggests approaches for tapping others for support.

This personalized interpretive report can be generated using the client's item responses (reported type) or verified type. Use it with In the Grip and provide individuals with a thorough tool set for understanding type and stress and learning how to modify their reactions to stress effectively.

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  • (R):Requirements for purchase. Click here to view.
  • Time:15-25 mins
  • Items:93
  • Reading Level:7th grade
  • Scoring Options:Elevate® (only)
  • Report Length:9 pp
  • Family:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)


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