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MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report (R)

    Katherine W. Hirsh and Elizabeth Hirsh

    Help individuals make better decisions—and more impactful contributions—with this new report.

The MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report uses type preferences as a framework for understanding an individual's decision-making style. This online report helps individuals become better decision makers by alerting them to their decision-making strengths, potential challenges, and areas for development. Additionally, it explains how type dynamics impact their style and offers key questions to consider during the decision-making process to facilitate more comprehensive decisions.

The Tips and Action Steps section provides insights and suggestions to guide further coaching and development, including what to consider when presented with a difficult decision, how to tap others for decision-making assistance, and how individuals can flex their style to improve communication with others and enhance their decision making.

This personalized interpretive report can be generated using the client's item responses (reported type) or verified type. Use it along with the Introduction to Type® and Decision Making booklet for team building, leadership development, and extended coaching initiatives.

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  • Reading Level:7th Grade
  • Scoring Options:Elevate® (only)
  • Report Length:9 pp
  • Family:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)


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  • MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report
    Help individuals make better decisions and effective contributions

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