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MBTI® Communication Style Report (R)

    Donna Dunning

    Improve individual and team communication

In today’s global, fast-paced, team-oriented organizations, effective communication is a core competency—when done well it can be a competitive advantage. The MBTI® Communication Style Report uses type preferences as a framework for understanding individuals’ natural communication style and that of others. The report helps them understand their communication strengths, offers practical tips for communicating with others, and suggests steps for development.

Features & Benefits

  • Refreshed to be more engaging and user-friendly
    Enhancements include:
    • New design for a contemporary look and feel
    • Improved content organization and layout for better usability
    • Updated MBTI language for easier comprehension of type concepts
    • Revamped preference clarity index (pci) chart that deemphasizes clients’ "scores”
    • Updated descriptive type content

  • Graphically enhanced to illustrate preference clarity
  • Preference clarity index (pci) charts allow you to help clients see how clearly they indicated their preferences and use that information to determine their "best-fit” type.

  • Available in reported or verified type versions
  • Report can be generated on the basis of clients’ reported type or verified type. For verified type, clients’ best-fit type is required.

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  • Family:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)


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