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Split-Second Sight, Introducing Sensing and Intuition

An Application of MBTI® Type

Barbara D. Mathews, Catharine A. Larkin

You’ve asked for a fun activity that will really help to illustrate the type characteristics of the Sensing and Intuition preferences—and this one is a no-fail classic! Individuals will experience firsthand the difference between Sensing and Intuition. In this activity, participants will review an elaborate picture and will be asked to privately record their interpretations and observations. Sensing and Intuition characteristics are examined next, with a focus on how these preferences can play out in the different ways we gather data. Participants then read out loud their various interpretations and the group is guided through a discussion around how the type of description used in the interpretations is then linked back to type.


  • To examine type characteristics of the Sensing and Intuition preferences
  • To explore how preference for Sensing or Intuition might affect actions in the workplace or at home

Time Frame: 45 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, Script, PowerPoint® slides, Handouts

Additional Materials Required: Flipchart, markers

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*Available only within the United States.

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