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Sell It, Introducing Judging and Perceiving

An Application of MBTI® Type

Barbara D. Mathews, Catharine A. Larkin

This task-based activity explores Judging and Perceiving preferences and creates an opportunity for participants to put their preferences into action. Type-alike groups will engage in a creative group activity and assigned observers will note their processes and action plans along the way. Your job as facilitator will be to engage these groups in a debrief that explores what it is like to work with people who differ in their preferences on the J—P dichotomy. Through the activity and guided discussion participants will examine their tolerance levels toward the opposite preference as well as identify ways to get the most out of working with people of the opposite preferences.


  • To explore how preferences within the Judging–Perceiving dichotomy can affect others
  • To expand understanding of the non-preferred pole of this dichotomy

Time Frame: 50 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, PowerPoint® slides, Handout

Additional Materials Required: Flipchart, markers

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*Available only within the United States.

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