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Applying the Functions Lens to Team Culture

Elizabeth Hirsh, Katherine W. Hirsh, Sandra Krebs Hirsh

An Application of MBTI® Type

Looking for a way to reinvigorate a team and help them sharpen their focus? This activity applies the Functions Lens to one of the core issues of teambuilding: team culture. The "Lens” approach is a useful way of magnifying the details of a team issue and focusing the attention of the team. This exercise will help you zero in on the function pairs—ST, SF, NF, and NT—as a means for helping the team to create a more balanced culture and a renewed sense of purpose. Through small and large group discussion, participants will emerge with the insights and information needed to design an more integrated and cohesive team vision, resulting in an improved team mission statement.

To foster dialogue between the functions—ST, SF, NF, and NT—to develop a balanced and unified team vision, resulting in a team mission statement

Time Frame: 30-45 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, Handouts

Additional Materials Required: Flipchart, markers, masking tape

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