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The Eight MBTI® Preferences in the Change Process

An Application of MBTI® Type

Nancy J. Barger, Linda K. Kirby

Whether prompted by technology, the economy, management turnover, product success or failure, competitive threats, or personal circumstances, employees experience stress during times of change. However different types respond to change in ways that relate to the underlying theory of the MBTI assessment. This activity is designed to assist participants with understanding their own needs during times of change and recognizing how their needs may differ from those of others. If you’re short on time but want to begin preparing individuals, groups or teams for an impending change—or simply want to help them become more adept at dealing with organizational change—this is an effective exercise. It’s simple yet thought-provoking exercise that prepares individuals for anticipating needs and considering ways to respond to them most effectively.


  • To help participants recognize and own their individual needs during change
  • To stimulate recognition and appreciation of differences
  • To provide data for developing strategies to meet needs of different people

Time Frame: 30 minutes

Materials Included: Instructions, Handouts

Additional Materials Required: Flipchart, markers

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*Available only within the United States.

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