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MBTI® Step II™ Manual

Exploring the next level of type with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Form Q

Naomi L. Quenk, Allen L. Hammer, and Mark S. Majors

Increase your knowledge of Form Q and its appropriate use

This comprehensive manual, with a foreword by Peter Myers and Katharine Myers, includes technical information to help consultants gain a thorough understanding of Form Q and its appropriate use. The manual also offers interpretation tips and applications. Using this resource, consultants will be better able to assist clients in applying their Step II results to their work and personal lives.

"I have been using the MBTI® instrument for about 20 years. It has provided a basis for great conversation and building more effective relationships for teams and leaders in organizations. I recently had the opportunity to use Form Q (MBTI® Step II™) and loved the expanded report and depth of insight the instrument and report provides to my clients. Thanks for your ongoing development work on this great instrument."
—President, Break Out! Coaching & Consulting LLC

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 LENGTH: Paper 224 pp

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