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MBTI® Step II™ Feedback Cards - PDF Format

Guide individuals through an exploration of Step II™ facets during a virtual feedback session.

Designed for virtual individual feedback sessions, this digital version of the MBTI® Step II™ Feedback Cards helps guide exploration of the MBTI Step II facets in a way that makes it easy for practitioners and engaging and personally relevant for learners.

This product comes as a set of 58 digital cards contained within a PDF file designed for seamless online delivery. Instructions for using the cards in a virtual feedback session are included.


  • Designed to help structure your facilitation
    The digital cards feature numerous talking points, illustrations, and practitioner prompts to make facilitation easy and effective. Simply use the cards in order to ensure a comprehensive, step-by-step exploration of the 20 Step II facets.

  • Expert help to guide the discussion
    Sometimes it just helps to have all the information you need at your fingertips—especially when you have 20 different facets to cover! The digital cards prominently feature the correct terminology and definitions to ensure accurate understanding. In addition, they provide discussion questions that practitioners can use to help individuals validate their facet results.

  • Adaptable to the way you train
    Use all 58 digital cards or choose a smaller selection tailored to the needs of your training situation. Easily integrate this tool into an existing feedback process or pair it with the Understanding Your MBTI® Step II Results booklet for seamless facilitation.

The MBTI® Step II™ Feedback Cards is also available in print format.

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