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MBTI® Type Tables for Occupations, 2nd Edition

Nancy A. Schaubhut and Richard C. Thompson

This powerful resource for trainers, coaches, and counselors has been updated to include the latest research on the link between personality type and occupations. This revised version includes 154 additional occupations and is a must-have resource for individuals who want to better understand the relationship between personality type and careers.
  • Includes 404 tables showing the relative frequency of each personality type employed for a wide range of occupations
  • Contains for each occupation listed the related O*NET code, a description, and a demographic summary of the sample, as well as distribution of various preference pairs
  • Can be used to provide illustrative examples during career development workshops or to help individuals align their goals and preferences with their career options
  • Explains how the data presented were collected, describes the sample, and provides an explanation of the type table structure

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  • MBTI® Type Tables for Occupations, 2nd Edition
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