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MBTI® Practitioner’s Field Guide

Activities and Strategies for Type Learning and Engagement

Linda K. Kirby and Nancy J. Barger

Tap into a range of activities for illustrating and sustaining MBTI type concepts

Whether you're a new MBTI user or a more seasoned practitioner, this tool is a "must-have" resource. Two renowned MBTI authors and certification instructors share their knowledge and 30-plus years of practitioner experience through this collection of activities and strategies designed to save you time, address the most popular application topics, and bring the greatest value, offering tips for successfully negotiating some of the common obstacles in type training. Each of the 18 time-tested MBTI activities provides objectives, time frame, materials, process steps, sample scripts, and related tips—plus special notes on debriefing and ways to avoid potential pitfalls. This resource includes a USB flash drive containing PowerPoint® presentation slides.

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