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Using the MBTI® Tool to Enrich Emotional Intelligence

Leader's Resource Guide

Roger R. Pearman

Train leaders to use MBTI® insights in emotional intelligence (EQ) development

A high IQ is often highly prized, but it is emotional intelligence, or EQ, that more directly correlates with leadership success in the workplace, the community, and one's personal life. This comprehensive trainer's resource guide contains tools to create and deliver powerful workshops on type and EQ.

Author Roger Pearman explains the parallels between type and emotional intelligence and shows how to link MBTI results to enhanced emotional intelligence. He draws on his wealth of consulting and training experience to help practitioners use specific MBTI results to teach emotional intelligence competencies.

This binder is highly effective as a stand-alone resource and can also be paired with Pearman's Introduction to Type® and Emotional Intelligence booklet. Along with this foundational information, this tool includes valuable training materials that practitioners can use right away, including:

  • Sample agendas
  • Preparation steps
  • Scripts
  • Activities
  • Worksheets
  • PowerPoint slides (PC format)

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