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Type and Culture

Using the MBTI® Instrument in International Applications

Linda K. Kirby, Elizabeth Kendall, and Nancy J. Barger

Apply the MBTI® tool globally in a variety of cultures

In Type and Culture, three highly experienced international trainers—Linda Kirby, Elizabeth Kendall, and Nancy Barger—give practitioners insight into using the MBTI tool wherever they may find themselves. The authors include insights for practitioners on how to work within different types of cultures, such as those with high or low uncertainty avoidance. In addition to examples from their many years of experience with global companies, they also present data on type distribution in different countries, such as India, Korea, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, and many more.

Type and Culture will improve the cultural application of the MBTI tool for experienced practitioners as well as provide a thorough introduction to new MBTI users.

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