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Who are we? Type Table – interactive PDF

The Who are we? Type Table features descriptive terms relating to each MBTI type enabling people to identify easily with their personality profile. Favorite processes (favorite functions) are shown by the color of each square – green for Sensing, yellow for Intuition, blue for Thinking and red for Feeling.


  • Virtual workshop ready
    This type table is designed for MBTI practitioners running virtual team events and trainings. It’s designed for immediate use as is, or for incorporating into an existing training program—helping you save workshop preparation time.
  • Color-coded for easy identification
    Each of the 16 MBTI types has descriptive text and a coordinating colored box to easily identify that type’s favorite function (favorite functions are often a strength of the individual).
  • Interactive & shareable
    Easily type individuals names into the type table for a quick-reference of team preferences without having to read sloppy handwriting. In addition, save as an image or PDF for simple sharing among the team.
  • Buy once, use forever
    This cost-effective training solution will quickly deliver a positive ROI. The purchaser receives full rights to use the materials indefinitely within an organization (or across organizations if he or she is acting as a training consultant).

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