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Applying the Function Lens to Stress

An Application of MBTI® Type

Elizabeth Hirsh, Katherine W. Hirsh, Sandra Krebs Hirsh

No matter the context—in work or in everyday life—individuals encounter stressors that can either undermine their performance or propel their success, depending on how they react to them. This easy-to-implement activity helps individuals recognize the circumstances or events that are likely to trigger stress reactions and explores the potential resources and types of assistance that would support constructive responses.

Individuals of the same function pair will work in small groups to work through a stress-provoking scenario and will report their discussion to the larger group. Your job, as the facilitator, is to lead a larger group discussion around any consistent themes that cut across the Function groups, as well as the contrasts, and to help the group arrive at conclusions which may be used for action planning and building resiliency.

Objective: To help appraise stress triggers by function—ST, SF, NF, NT—to better comprehend the impact of stress on team members.

Time Frame: 30-45 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, PowerPoint® slide, Handouts

Additional Materials Required: Flipchart, markers, and masking tape

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*Available only within the United States.

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