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FIRO Business® Leadership Report with FIRO Business® Profile

The FIRO Business® Profile and FIRO Business® Leadership Report are included in this bundle. The FIRO Business assessment helps organizations develop effective leaders while improving organizational performance. It measures interpersonal needs in three areas that affect work relationships: Involvement, Influence, and Connection. The 2-page FIRO Business® Profile provides your clients with a basic summary of their assessment results and is useful in a range of business applications, such as communication workshops and team building.


  • Measures individuals’ interpersonal needs in two dimensions—as they express those needs to others, and how they want others to express those needs toward them
  • Provides a clear and concise description of results and how they affect clients' interactions with their coworkers
  • Streamlines administration with a brief, easy-to-use online format

The 13-page FIRO Business® Leadership Report, a must-use tool for leadership development and executive coaching, is particularly valuable to businesses.

  • Presents key insights on influencing and negotiating, making decisions and setting priorities, and relating to direct reports, superiors, and peers
  • Effects quick behavioral change by providing specific insights on interpersonal needs
  • Identifies existing communication and interpersonal dynamics that affect leadership success
  • Details strengths and development recommendations for improving leadership performance