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FIRO-B® Profile and FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organizations

The FIRO-B® Profile provides a basic summary of the FIRO-B assessment results and is even more powerful when combined with the FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organizations. For more than 50 years, the FIRO-B assessment has provided in-depth descriptions of how people behave, how they affect others, and how they can be more effective. Easy to administer and complete, the FIRO-B assessment is ideal for one-on-one coaching, team-building initiatives, communication workshops, and leadership development programs. The 2-page FIRO-B® Profile, administered online, is the essential first step in using the assessment with clients.


  • Offers a graphic presentation of clients’ Need scores on a FIRO-B grid
  • Provides a personalized analysis of results with sucinct descriptions of how they manifest in individual behaviors
  • Is compatible with the FIRO-B® Interpretive Report to create a fuller picture of results

The 10-page FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organizations is an insightful interpretive report for clients looking for ways to improve their effectiveness in an organization.


  • Is ideal for use in advancing career development, explaining team roles, improving team effectiveness, and identifying leadership operating styles
  • Provides a narrative interpretation of clients’ FIRO-B results in an organizational setting
  • Supplies a list of clients’ patterns of need fulfillment in the areas of inclusion, control, and affection
  • Identifies target areas for development and guidelines for improvement