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Making Teams Work Powered by the FIRO® Assessment

Work with teams to strengthen communication and reduce conflict with this ready-to-deploy workshop

This ready-to-deliver workshop introduces teams to FIRO concepts and guides participants through an understanding of their FIRO results. Team members learn how to apply strategies to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and decrease conflict, leading to better team performance. Includes FIRO-B® and FIRO-Business® versions.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for FIRO-B and FIRO Business workshops consisting of lecture and activities
  • Facilitator notes with suggested script for FIRO-B® and FIRO Business® workshops
  • Participant worksheet


  • Workshop ready
    The kit is designed for immediate use as is, or it can be incorporated into an existing training program—saving you workshop preparation time. Can be delivered as a single 4-hour workshop or can be split into two 2-hour sessions.

  • Comes with expert guidance
    Created for both seasoned and new FIRO practitioners, the kit includes facilitator notes with presentation instructions and recommended script, providing valuable context and support to ensure an effective training. See sample pages.
  • All digital content
    No need to lug around heavy binders—all materials are contained on a USB flash drive for your convenience. If your organization prohibits flash drive use, please contact The Myers-Briggs Company for an alternative solution.
  • Buy once, use forever
    This cost-effective training solution will quickly deliver a positive ROI. The purchaser receives full rights to use the materials indefinitely within an organization (or across organizations if he or she is acting as a training consultant).


For the FIRO-B® version: FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organizations. One for each participant.

For the FIRO Business® version: FIRO Business® Profile. One for each participant.


Introduction to the FIRO-B® Instrument in Organizations booklet
Introduction to the FIRO Business® Instrument booklet

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  • Making Teams Work Powered by the FIRO® Assessment
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