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Challenge of Change in Organizations, The

Helping Employees Thrive in the New Frontier

Nancy J. Barger and Linda K. Kirby

Use the practical tools of type for managing people through change

Continuous change is a given for almost any organization. Yet how employees respond to change differs widely. Focusing on the needs of different personalities in times of change, as understood through the lens of MBTI® type, this book provides managers and executives with the strategies necessary for leading their employees through successful transitions.

Showing how change creates a range of responses in people, the authors give practical tips to help employees move forward. They offer productive new behaviors for individuals and institutions and supply models for change based on the personalities of the people and the type of organization.

Nancy J. Barger is an organization development and management consultant to such clients as AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and Martin Marietta Aerospace.

Linda K. Kirby, Ph.D. is a writer, speaker, and former editor of the Bulletin of Psychological Type. She is coeditor of Developing Leaders.

Davies-Black® Publishing has been sold to Nicholas Brealey Publishing. To place an order for this book, please visit their website at

 PUBLISHER: Davies-Black® Publishing RELEASE DATE: 12/1/1995
 LENGTH: 304 pp TYPE: Cloth SIZE: 6x9 ISBN: 978-0-89106-079-6

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